Re: Core construing and Cushman's concept of the empty self

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>Subject: Re: Core construing and Cushman's concept of the empty self
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>>Dear fellow list members,
>>my name is Derrick Klaassen and I have just joined the PCP discussion list.
>>One of my main reasons for joining is to use this email tool as a sounding
>>board for research and therapy ideas.
>Welcome aboard. My name is Bob Gorman, and will be glad to comment, when
possible, from my particular viewpoint, which is multi-disciplinary.
>>I find it amazing that one can
>>communicate with various persons all over the globe via such a list.
>Not only amazing, but both the individual and all others benefit from an
open and diverse discussion of ideas.
>>Currently I am involved in a project which aims at exploring personal
>>(or core constructs) from both a narrative and constructivist angle.
>This fascinating, and an area I am also interested in. Based on
expereience, I believe firmly in the hierarchical organization of our
beliefs, concepts, constructs, etc. Working up to the core, and back down
again, in my opinion, can both save theraputic time and also lead to
significantly more lasting changes.
>>Practically this means that the research team will be using
>>narrative/phenomonlogical means as well as Kelly's laddering technique as
>>for exploring core constructs.
>Laddering is effective, when done well. I've been using Kelly's work, for
many years, and have attended several of the annual conferences. Laddering
does not seem to get as much discussion as other topics. I've only recently
joined this mail format, so I'll have to see if that's true here as well.
With you on board, now if I raise a laddering question, I'll know at least
one other person is interested.
>In essence we are using Philip Cushman's (1990,
>>1995) work on the empty self as a springboard and hoping to provide some
>>empirical support (or show the lack thereof) for his historical/theoretical
>>construct. Any comments, suggestions and/or questions would be highly
>I'm not familiar with Cushman's work, perhaps there is a short, rather than
long description of his core ideas on the net, or you could post a summary
in your own words.
>I do believe I've met quite a few people who seem to have empty selves. :)
>>Derrick Klaassen
>>Trinity Western University
>>Graduate Counselling Psychology
>>Langley, BC, Canada
>I'm south of the border and a bit east, in Laconia, NH
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