Core construing and Cushman's concept of the empty self

Erv Kehler (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 23:20:02 -0700

Dear fellow list members,
my name is Derrick Klaassen and I have just joined the PCP discussion list.
One of my main reasons for joining is to use this email tool as a sounding
board for research and therapy ideas. I find it amazing that one can
communicate with various persons all over the globe via such a list.
Currently I am involved in a project which aims at exploring personal worldview
(or core constructs) from both a narrative and constructivist angle.
Practically this means that the research team will be using
narrative/phenomonlogical means as well as Kelly's laddering technique as tools
for exploring core constructs. In essence we are using Philip Cushman's (1990,
1995) work on the empty self as a springboard and hoping to provide some
empirical support (or show the lack thereof) for his historical/theoretical
construct. Any comments, suggestions and/or questions would be highly
Derrick Klaassen

Trinity Western University
Graduate Counselling Psychology
Langley, BC, Canada