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Rob Steventon (
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 21:19:45 +0930

Karen Vickie Lee wrote:
> Hi,
> I am interested in using repertory grids as conversation tools with
> preservice educators. I am wondering if anybody else is doing research in
> this area?
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.
> Karen V. Lee
> The University of BC
> <>
Dear Karen
I am a PhD student (part-time) who is also a State Primary (Elementary:
ages 8-12) Principal. My research will use Q-methodology (Q-sorts) and
I expect to supplement this data with Repertory Grids. I am
investigating a method for developing reflectivity in primary school
I would be interested to know what you are planning and I could let you
know something of the very early stages of my planning for Repertory
Grids. (I have made more protest in my preparation for Q-sorts; my
repertory grid preparation is quite embryonic!)


Rob Steventon
South Australia
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