Kelly and Piaget

Devi (
Mon, 6 Jul 98 11:53:13 +0100

After reading the interesting comments on Kelly and Piaget recently, I
was reminded of a paper I first heard about around the time of the Assisi
Conference. It's a while ago now, but I do recall that Semerari and a
colleague had included a chapter by Jim Mancuso, comparing the
constructivisms of Kelly and Piaget, in their _Psychologia dei Costrutti
Personali_ book. (Why does everything sound sexier in Italian?) The
general enthusiasm for the chapter had only a little to do with the wine
taken with all meals at that conference...

Since the book itself was in Italian you might have to approach Jim
Mancuso to see if he has an English version of the chapter in question.
Are you there Jim?

Kind regards

Devi Jankowicz