meibeyer (meibeyer@rz.uni-hildesheim.de)
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 12:58:13 -0700

I´ve investigated how student teachers and experienced teachers construe
pupils´ disruptive behavior in the classroom and if the students´
constructions change in the course of a six-week training programme.

Using the percentage of total variation accounted for by the first
factor as a measure of differentiation I found that the students´ grids
were less differentiated after the training programme (on the second
time I used the same constructs and the same elements the students
had produced in their first grid).

(A second group of students who had not participated at the training
programme showed no change in the course of that time; the grids of
the experienced teachers were more differentiated than those of the
students, as I had expected.)

Now I am looking for other studies which used the same measure of
differentiation to investigate changes in personal constructions
and some literature about the theoretical meaning of cognitive
differentiation in the context of personal construct theory.
I wonder how to explain the decreasing differentiation in the grids of
the students.

Can anybody help?

Thanks and with kind regards,
Frauke Meibeyer

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