Re: An Inroduction

J. Maxwell Legg (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 01:58:33 +1300

Hi Ric,

I'm doing something right now that might interest you. I'm embarking on a
novel use of PCP in that I'm constructing a program to learn and hopefully
predict the activity of a computer screen. I intend to plug Ingrid98.6
(VBDOS) into a live real media feed from my second PC. Most of the link I
have and not much software is needed.

Ingrid needs to receive the screen changes at times as small as a 32x24 pixel
image and then perform a Principal Component Analysis on each. I suspect there
will be many linear optimizers but in effect a near perfect match should be
able to be found and a list of suggested threads to follow. Some form of
manual linking to low level remote control algorithms will be the macro
builder's job. This should include the users own elements and constructs which
go best with the screen generated components thus creating a form of zoom

The development equipment needed for anyone to follow this research is a no
brainer. Just get two Pentiums and in one put a PAL/NTSC Video Mate and in the
other put a video capture card; - preferably a TV/Video Combo card because
these come with Remote Master. Remote Masters have simple interfaces which
will form the feedback part of the Ingrid autopilot plug-in. If you already
have this AV stuff then a network costs nothing to install; - but even better
if you have a LAN and mice in hand. For more information:-

for everyone else who wants to see the source code change under Ingrid98.6:-

I've included this email as the "last update" in the tutorial at:-