RE: the most useful aspects of Kelly's theory

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Dear Bob,

Have you already read Kelly's collected papers at Maher's "Clinical
Psychology and Personality"?
While this may not be a direct answer to your question, I found it a
very interesting experience to become familiarised with Kelly's work by
first reading his papers and, afterwards, taking a look at the two
volumes. In my experience, the "spirit" of PCP is far more alive,
provoking and attractive in the collected papers than in the two
Anyway, I guess others in the mailbase will have their favourite "how
did I face the Herculean task of reading two volumes" story!

That reminds me of a Garfield bookmarker I have: "Read the ending
first... life is so uncertain". (Sorry if it's a bad joke).


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> Asunto: the most useful aspects of Kelly's theory
> Over the years I have read bits and pieces of Kelly's two volumes. I
> am
> interested in doing some more systematic reading and would be
> interested to
> hear from others what they think are the most
> useful/interesting/essential
> aspects of Kelly's theory.
> I could start at the beginning and work through, but at present don't
> have
> the time to do this.
> Any suggestions are welcomed,
> regards,
> Bob Green