George Boeree (cgboeree@ark.ship.edu)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 16:15:22 -0500


I thought it was time I "came out of the closet" (so to speak) and
introduced myself. My name is George Boeree and I am a psychology
professor at Shippensburg University, a mid-size public facility in
Pennsylvania. I have been a long-term fan of George Kelly (my
undergraduate advisor was Michael Mahoney -- perhaps you have come
across his name in constructivist circles) and am enjoying the exchanges
among the members of this group. And it's a thrill to actually get an
e-mail from Fay Fransella!

I am, however, a phenomenological-existentialist, and not a
constructivist per se. Perhaps at some time some of you would like to
get into the similarities and differences between pcp and "pep." In the
meantime, I will resume my lurking.

Best wishes,

George Boeree

P.S. I have a personality "e-text" on-line, with a chapter on Kelly at
http://www.ship.edu/~cgboeree/kelly.html. If anyone would care to give
me comments or criticisms, I would appreciate the feedback!