Re: PCP and group trainings

Marlow Christensen (marlow@FDUSVRT1.FDU.EDU)
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:07:44 EST

Thomas Grunau asked:

> How can I found out more about corporate constructs?


There is a growing literature on this side of the Atlantic that
investigates "corporate identity" which might be considered an
equivalent to corporate constructs for those who don't know about

As yet no one has tackled this literature using the PCP perspective
but such a treatment would be very useful. At this point the
literature consists of mostly case studies. The most significant in
my mind is Dutton's exploration of the Port Authority. (Dutton, Jane
D. & Dukerich, Janet M. (1991). Keeping an eye on the mirror: Image
and identity in organizational adaptation. Academy of Management
Journal, 34(3), 517-554).

The concept of corporate identity is interesting but the
discussions that I have had in the past with various academicians
about it, were very frustrating because there wasn't a common
language in which to frame discussion. Also corporate identity breaks
down as one considers all the various stakeholders and their relative
power to impose their own version of the identity.

In contrast the idea of corporate constructs is potentially more
fruitful I think. It is also closely relate to the concept of "mental
models" that Peter Senge and his crowd talk about.
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