Re: Grids & schizophrenics

Bob Green (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 22:28:45 +1000

>From my reading this interesting discussion has several threads:

1) issues concerning power, coercion and involuntary treatment

2) is schizophrenia a valid and reliable construct (including the issue of
whether all/some persons in this category are qualitively different to
others) and is there an adequate theory/empirical literature to explain any

3) the relationship between psychological and biological/neuropsychological

4) understanding the construing of persons diagnosed with schizophrenia

>From my perspective a basic problem is approaching this complex issue
preemptively, i.e., this applies both to the view that schizophrenia is only
a brain disease as well as to contrary views.

I agree with Lindsay that the focus within the PCP literature to date has
been too narrow. Kelly's disorders of transition and construction provide a
useful basis to further explore this issue. Besides considering the
applicability of Kellian hostility [which has relevance to the posts drawing
attention to the sociality and commonality corollaries], there is some
interesting German research which conceptualises voices as an organising
centre, Landfield's notion of validating agents, Kelly's emphasis on meaning
by contrast and permeability of superordinate constructs [which has
relevance to the fragmentation, modulation and organisation corollaries];
which could be fruitfully examined theoretically and in practice.


Bob Green