Re: International PCP Congress Berlin 1999

Julie Ellis (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 09:26:43 +1100

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> Joern,
> How are you? It is an adventure writitng to you in this way because:
> 1. I am a bit of a 'mug' with this technology.
> 2. One never knows where you are - Deutschland or Australia
> I have just been at the Congress Website trying to organise mysefl for the
> congress. One question: when you say papers should be in by 1 March, 1999,
> do you mean offers of papers or the final copy of the complete paper? Please
> say the former!
> Hope all is well with you. I hope I can get funding and see you in Berlin.
> Regards
> Bill Warren

Dear Bill,
your message went to the PCP network... But this gives me the opportunity to
state in public that the deadline for paper submission for the International PCP
congress in Berlin in 1999 (1 March) refers to abstracts, certainly not to the
final papers.
And wherever I am, in Deutschland or in Australia, email sent to my German
address: will reach me, as it is forwarded
to the present address when I'm in Australia.
All the best

The Berlin Congress Website again:

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