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Helen Jones (
Sun, 3 Jan 1999 19:46:22 -0800

A reply to Padrig O'Moraain

I wonder if you would like to consider checking our whether or not your
construction of the opposites (fears they'll think I'm foolish - fears
they'll thihk I 'll let them down) is the same as that of your client.

I'll be happy to discuss the outcomes.

It seems to me important that your work with the client and his or her
personal constructions of the verbal descriptions you refer to is really
accurate. Then you can begin to understand change in their terms. This
will lead to a more detailed and more accurate understanding of their
personal meaning.
> From: Padraig O'Morain <>
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> Subject: Changing constructs
> Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 1:12 AM
> Hi,
> My interest in PCT is in terms of its application to counselling. How
> do list members use PCT to bring about change in counselling? For
> instance with a construct which seems to be negative at each pole,
> such as," fears they'll think I'm foolish - fears they'll think I let
> them down" would you discuss the evidence for each statement or talk
> about what it might be like to put in a positive pole such as
> changing the above to:
> "fears they'll think I'm foolish - hopes they'll think I'm helpful"?
> Any thoughts anyone may have on this would be most
> welcome.
> Best wishes,
> Padraig O'Morain
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