Centre for Personal Construct Psychology Web Site

Nick Reed (grid@ndirect.co.uk)
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 17:05:51 -0000

A very Happy New Year to all from the Centre for Personal Construct
Psychology in the UK.

Fay Fransella and I have pleasure in announcing the establishment of the
web site of the Centre for Personal Construct Psychology. It can be found


We hope that you will visit it. Among the many and varied items on the
site you will find:

1. Details of the Centre's courses in personal construct psychology and
its methodologies. These include:

a) One-day workshops in Central London for those who want to know what the
theory is about and what a repertory grid is (Module I). Contact Nick Reed
on email: grid@ndirect.co.uk

b) A 4-day course (in two units) in Central London on PCP and repertory
grid methods (Module II), recommended for the continuing professional
development of psychologists by the British Psychological Society. Contact
Fay Fransella on email: 100304.2275@compuserve.com

c) Four modules at Advanced Level on a distance learning basis. This
course can lead to the award of the Centre's Diploma in Applications of
PCP. Please contact Fay Fransella as above.

d) An introductory distance learning course in PCP and repertory grids
(equivalent to Module I above). Please contact Nick Reed as above.

e) In-house courses in PCP and its methodologies, tailor made to suit the
particular needs of an individual organisation, if required. Please
contact Fay Fransella as above.

2. Details of the PCP library being established by Fay Fransella, which
is accessed on a subscription basis. Part of the library is housed at the
University of Reading (known there as the "Fransella PCP Collection").
That will ultimately contain, as nearly as possible, all PCP and related
books, many theses and other documents, plus copies of all Kelly's
published and unpublished papers. For the foreseeable future, PCP journal
articles will be housed with Fay Fransella. All are on a reference basis
only, but photocopies are supplied at 10p per photocopy plus postage and
packing. As soon as possible, lists of these will be posted on the web
site. Contact Fay Fransella on email as above.

3. Contents of the majority of the edited books on personal construct
theory published in the 1960's and 70's. It is planned to add to that list
until the contents of all edited books are detailed.

4. Details of the services the Centre offers to organisations. In
particular, its well-established "Diagnostic Research" service for larger
organisations, its mentoring service for managers and the new service which
it is offering to assist in the identification and dissemination of
knowledge in organisations.

This is a 'young' PCP site and any suggestions for improving it will be
warmly welcomed!

Nick Reed
Centre for Personal Construct Psychology