Re: PCP and dieting

Devi Jankowicz (
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 21:53:21 +0000

Commenting on a posting by Jim Mancuso which I missed (very few pcp
mailing list postings seem to come my way for some reason), Esteban Laslo

>What a fascinating issue you've raised!

Indeed. Jim asks:

>>Why has sex been so much a center of efforts to construe
>>Why have social commentators spent so much time attempting to
>>construe this particular piece of human behavior?
>>Foucault said that he wanted to attempt to explain why the topic
>>of sex, which is said to be less discussed than needs be, is the most
>>discussed topic in human history!!!

Well, if you accept that every successful species has evolved behaviour
which contributes to its survival, and that humans are a species which
develops, builds, and exchanges constructs through language- then _of
course_ we're going to talk about it!

The birds and the bees are comparably sociable, so if they had language,
you can bet your life they'd talk about it too.

Paramecia aren't social in this regard, and don't have language. (But I
bet they think about cell-division _a lot_, when they're not doing it...)

(Sorry, couldn't resist. Am I turning into a biological determinist?)

Kind regards,