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> What are some thoughts on why sexual action
> [and associated attractiveness/prowess] has
> been so much a center of social construction
> efforts..
> Why do so many people, like Dante, swoon at
> the thought of eternal punishment because of
> a little twenty-minute encounter? Why do 60
> percent of USA citizens swoon at the thought
> that WJC could be chased out of the presidency
> because he lied (perhaps) about a couple of
> twenty-minute encounters?
> Why would a person who has accomplished as
> much as WJC figure that his self definition
> demanded that he even risk his position in
> order to engage in such twenty-minute encounters?
> And, I hope that -- on this net -- I don't find comments such as: "He
> has a powerful sex drive." "He is pathologically addicted to sex.' "He's
> only human." etc....

Oh boy! James and list, I just can't bear to let this past can
I, why would I do this for 5 seconds glee sending a message?

I have to say:

a) I think that sex has something to do with reproduction of the
genes (half of, randomly and unpredictably) of me and the
perpetuation of the species

b) both bits of that (perpetuation and the randomness) have
extraordinary personal implications that sit beautifully alongside
some of the core of _P_cp, about construction as prediction and
about the centrality of that first P

c) that this sexual thing is one of the things most very young
children find most reason to suspect their parents and/or others lie or
fudge when answering questions about this (this may be entirely or
largely restricted to some cultures and not at all ubiquitous)

c) that I think Freud and others and some of the "analytic"
discourses he and they created have so much to add to the glories
of PCP.

O.K. cyber-asbestos suit on: I just couldn't resist revealing myself
as a
biological determinist and a psychoanalyst in one short post.
What it is
to come out of the closet?!

Very best wishes, only sensible _and_ enjoyable diets and good
relationships to all!


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