biological determinism etc etc

Fay Fransella (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 13:20:47 -0500

Hello Jim, Devi and others,

I have followed this discussion with mounting interest. I have long been
intrigued by Kelly's notion that it is the nature of living matter that it
is in action and therefore we don't need a construct of motivation. As many
of you will know, that was followed by his notion that there might be a
different fundamental postulate that read: "It is the nature of life to be
channelized by the ways events are anticipated" He goes on to say: "While I
am not prepared to defend this assumption with great skill or the weight of
much evidence, it does intrigue me and I cannot help but wonder where we
would be led if we ventured to start from such a premise",

I tried to put on a workshop in which we would all struggle to elaborate
that idea - but it was a non-starter. So, is there choice in biological
determinism from the organisms point of view?

Thank you Devi, Jim and others for getting me to dig this one out again. It
still looks good.

Fay (Fransella)