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Jonathan Lee (
Wed, 27 Jan 99 16:29:59 EST

Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Lee and I am writing from Carleton
University in Ottawa Ontario (Canada). I am a second year M.A. student
currently in the infancy stage of my thesis. the purpose of my research is
to examine the personal constructs that both high and low procrastinators
assign to their academic tasks. Most people believe that procrastination
is a deficiency in time management but research in this area has shown
procrastination to be related to depression, low self-esteem,
self-handicapping tendencies, low self-efficacy, anxiety, perfectionism
and many more. Missing from this research is how procrastinators construe
their academic tasks and I hoping that my research will bridge this gap.
I am hoping to collect my data using a computer based program. I
have already got a hold of Omnigird but it doesn't do factor analysis with
varimax rotation. I was wondering if there was any other computer based
programs which would allow me to do an association grid and factor
analysis with varimax rotation. If so, could you please let me know where
I could find it? Also, any comments/thoughts about my proposed research
would be much appreciated. Take care everyone.

Jonathan Lee II Year M.A.
Carleton University
Email address:
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