A new journal

Devi Jankowicz (anima@devi.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 21:11:06 +0000

Colleagues might like to hear about a new journal with which I'm
associated. While the fields covered are, loosely, "training and
development" within and of organizations, articles written in a
constructivist / constructionist are particularly welcome.

It's called _Human Resource Development International_; published by
Routledge. And in the fields of training, personal development,
organizational development, and change management it welcomes
contributions which challenge conventional distinctions: between theory
and practice; scholarship, profession, and practice; traditional and
radical methodological approaches.

Anyone with anything interesting (conceptual or empirically-based) to say
about personal, group-based, or organizational change; the provision for,
and management of, such change; the weasel concept of resistance to
change; matters of agency in change; is most welcome to submit
a) articles for blind reviewing: c.5000 words
b) articles about advanced practice: c. 2000 words
c) research-in-progress / innovative development projects: c.1000 words
d) "soap-box" articles, in which you argue the case on an issue you feel
strongly about: c.1000 words
e) book, video, software, and conference reviews; interviews with
scholars and practitioners

a) to d) above to Ms. Carole Elliott, Management School, Lancaster
University, Lancaster
LA1 4YX, U.K.; these reach me, as Acting Editor-in-Chief
e) above to our Reviews and Interviews Editor, Prof. Jean Woodall,
Kingston School of Management, Kingston University, Kingston-on-Thames,
Surrey KT2 7LB, U.K.

As well as the more recognizably conventional
business/management-flavoured items you'd expect in an HRD journal,
articles submitted during its first 18 months have argued the case for
anarchy in organizations; explored the function of storytelling in
organizations; examined the Latin etymology of contemporary concepts of
power in organizations; reviewed some conceptualisations of emotional
labour and the "self" of the organization.

Anyone wishing to subscribe or interested in making a library
recommendation: please send me your snail-mail address by e-mail; I'll
send you a copy of the publisher's handout giving full particulars.

Devi Jankowicz