Re: Personal Construct Software ?

John Mayes (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 06:42:43 +1300

Dear Dayal,

You may wish to try Enquire Within. A free downloadable evaluation copy is
available at <>

Enquire Within is designed to facilitate the Repertory Grid interview and
obtain good quality constructs rather than for analysis of the results of
the interview. It is therefore particularly suited to therapy. Web page
<> summarises this application.
A work book providing subject specific worked examples, application notes
and hints is also available.

I hope that this helps


>Dear All
>I've been intrested in using Personal Constructs with some of my patients
>with psychosomatic disorders.
>Can someone suggest where i can source software for this ?
>Dayal Mirchandani. M.D.
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