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Would you mind explaining to a layman what "Lyotard's parology" is?

At 09:58 10/02/99 -0500, you wrote:
>It sounds like this is related to Lyotard's paralogy?
>Any comments?
>Manfred M. Straehle
>Student of epistemology under previous supervising epistemologist
>Jay S. Efran
>At 08:57 AM 2/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>> Travis Gee's comments incite me to enter the fray though I am not a
>>> clinical psychologist. Isn't it possible that we confuse "sociality" and
>>> "commonality"? How far is commonality necessary as a basis for sociality?
>>I think commonality is necessary as a basis for sociality only insofar as
>>both people have in common the ability to communicate in some way. Kelly's
>>original notion was that one is engaging in sociality whether or not one is
>>accurate in understanding another person's constructions. The process of
>>simply trying to step into the other's shoes and see the world from their
>>perspective is sociality, whether or not the two people have anything at
>>all in common.
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