Re: Boundaries of PCP

Devi Jankowicz (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 17:35:51 +0000

J. Maxwell Legg wrote

>And Devi, stay cool.

In response to my comment on his item equating capitalism with
and that's the single item in his response which I take to heart. My
apologies for the tone of my material. I rose to the bait. I blew it.

I responded to what, in effect, was a troll.

As for the rest of your current posting; sure,

>In the sense that they operate in conspiracy capitalism
>and criminality are similar.

"to the degree that" they operate in conspiracy capitalism and
criminality are similar.
But that's like saying "to the degree that they kill people, murder and
manslaughter are similar"

But you've yet to make the case that capitalism, per se., operates in

>Capitalism uses its own laws to allow conspiracy to
>determine many price collusions.
This is to ignore anti-trust legislation, monopolies and mergers
legislation, oh, yes, and there is this thing called competition, not to
mention the effects of demand on pricing structures. But allowing those
into the range of convenience of your constructs of "conspiracy",
"collusion", "criminality" and "capitalism" would, it seems, ruin your

I guess I'm saying that my own range of convenience is different!

Peace and light unto all.