Re: Boundaries of PCP

Devi Jankowicz (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 20:43:12 +0000

One final attempt.

J.Maxwell Legg writes, inter al., in response to my comment
>> But you've yet to make the case that capitalism, per se., operates in
>> conspiracy.
>Pass. (Not in here I don't.)

avoiding any discussion of, or challenge to, what is the heart of his
argument. Instead, he refers me to his website, which consists of a long
series of pages of further, unsubstantiated assertions which don't
establish the point either. So why post onto this mailbase discussion

Maxwell, if this is how you wish to spend your time after you "wasted 13
years of my life and more than $1,000,000" in capitalism, all power to
your elbow (*). But somewhere along the line a little evidence is
required to back up the sweeping statements you make in your Grand
Conspiracy Theory.

I'm sure you wouldn't want people to accept your assertions on the basis
of "because I say so", would you?

By my reading, a constructivist position is not solipsist; it is
perfectly reasonable for anyone to be challenged on a) how his or her
construing is consistent with his or her objectives as s/he herself sees
them b) the extent to which the arguments are convincing to other people
whom s/he wishes to influence.

If your objectives are to convince others, the avoidance of debate would
seem counterproductive under both a) and b).

Devi Jankowicz

(*) Liked the graphics, though.