Personal projects analysis and rep grids

Bob Green (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 17:57:04 +1000

I have been looking at some grids for a fellow list member who was
interested in the comparison of two grids.

During this process I have wondering about the relevance of the Project
Cross-Impact matrix as discussed by Little. In rep grid terms, the impact
of one construct upon another (for each pair of constructs) is rated for
each element in turn. A 10x10 matrix is described as generating 90 paired

Total received-impact and impact-generated scores are described.

Question 1: how are these scores calculated?

Further, Little describes examining the cross-impact of one person's project
on another's. The terms he uses are: indices of mutual accord and friction.

Question 2: how are these indices calculated?

The application I envisage is a couple, who have generated constructs such
as happiness, communication, going out and spare time. The impact of
happiness on communication etc could be rated for each paired comparison; by
each person. Then the ratings by each person could be compared.

I would appreciate advice from anyone who knows about Personal projects
analysis, either in relation to my questions or the proposed application.


Bob Green