Re: Personal projects analysis and rep grids

Devi Jankowicz (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 18:44:56 +0000

Writing about the Project Cross-Impact matrix, Bob Green writes:

>The application I envisage is a couple, who have generated constructs such
>as happiness, communication, going out and spare time. The impact of
>happiness on communication etc could be rated for each paired comparison; by
>each person. Then the ratings by each person could be compared.

I haven't come across this sort of grid: or is it the name of a software

BTW, when working with people in pairs, I've found simple exchange grids
helpful. I'm sure you could use them with couples. Person A completes a
grid, as does person B. You photocopy the grids with the ratings blanked
out. Then person A, working with person B's grid, is asked to fill out
the ratings either 1) as s/he thinks person B had them or 2) as
her/himself i.e. person A; in either instance, of course, working with
person B's constructs. Meanwhile, person B can be doing the same with
person A's constructs. Each then takes turns at giving feedback to the

While both variants involve seeing how well person understands another's
constructs, variants 1) and 2) are importantly different. 1) is about
sociality, while 2) is about range of convenience as well.

Sorry if this is old hat to you, but I thought I should mention it in the
context you raised!


Devi Jankowicz