Re: Request for advice on laddering and grids -thanks

Thu, 11 Mar 1999 20:56:31 -0000

Hi Helen!
Just wanted to say hello and nice to "hear your voice"!
Excuse me but the novelty of emailing hasn't warn off yet!
Love Harry
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Date: 10 March 1999 19:34
Subject: RE: Request for advice on laddering and grids -thanks

Devi -and anyone else on the pcpmailbase group - please come, if you are
near enough and interested enough, to the next meeting of the PCP Northern
Research Group at 2 Heslington Court, School Lane, Heslington, York (a ten
minute bus ride on the 4 or 5 bus from York Railway station). It is on
Saturday l3th March from ll - 3.00 - costs 3.00 for sandwiches tea and
coffee (please let me know if you are coming for catering purposes). Fionn
Stevenson is coming to share her research - and it would be great to have a
discussion about the ideas she has been stimulating on the mailbase.

Helen Jones

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Subject: Re: Request for advice on laddering and grids -thanks

>Is this really true? Come on you
>lurkers-surely, SURELY someone somewhere in PCP must be trying to tackle
>the basic theory or are we all just "running the job" ( I realise I am
>provocative now in order to try and get more of a response from the list
>comments, Devi, Jim ? Others?)

Never one to resist a call to rush in where angels wouldn't. Just
catching up with my e-mails having been away for a while.

My feeling on this one is that there is a fair amount of work being done
which is moving the theory forward, though it mightn't be labelled as
such in a formal and comprehensive restatement. The various papers in the
Journal of Constructivist Psychology which have built bridges to social
constructivism, for example.

Bye for now: got another 120 e-mails to catch up on!

Kind regfards,