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I don't know the long-tem outcome. My interest in this is in finding ways to apply PCP in
counselling situations without necessarily doing a rep grid which may not always be appropriate. I
try to notice construing and ask people about it by saying, for instance, "you've used the work
'abandoned' a couple of times. What would be the opposite of that?" I suppose I've always had a
feeling, since I encountered Kelly's ideas, that there's a practical and valuable tool in there but
I haven't quite figured out how to use it. That's why I was interested in the cigarette thing.

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> Dear Padraig
> I think that this issue about change and reconstruction processes is interesting and it can be used to conceptualize the process of giving up cigarettes. I work with persons who want to stop smoking >
> Personally I don't trust on the persons who promise simple, easily and fast way to change a behavior all the more so as the person has choose this behavior for so many years; it seem a method that fu>
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