From Descartes to Constructivism

Robert Steventon (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 12:58:00 +1030

I wonder if there is someone on the network who can help me with a
reading need. I am presently wanting to identify the progression in
philosophical thinking which has taken Western thought from a
largely-Cartesian viewpoint to a more-constructivist one. In
particular, I wish to connect this progression to the way in which views
of reality have developed.

My background is much more in psychology than philosophy but, for the
purposes of my PhD work, I need to have a reasonable working knowledge
of the progression.

I am looking for a suitable chapter or chapters which will give me an
overview. Because I feel something like a novice in this area I want
something which is not overly-complex but, at the same time, doesn't
treat the subject simplistically. I have searched Internet sources as
well as libraries but haven't found what I'm looking for.

Is there anyone who reads this message who can give me a lead? I'd be
most appreciative of any help.

Rob Steventon