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David J. Douglas (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:10:17 +0000 (GMT)

> Hi
> I'm David, SL in Staffordshire University's Business
> School. My background is in political science, industrial
> relations, personnel management/human resource management.
> My research interests are shamefully eclectic, but I'm very
> much into the area of personal construct theory as applied
> in the workplace. My present research has taken me into the
> area of employee-employer, and, employee-employee,
> interactions. I'm very interested in managerial
> decision-making/taking and the interpretation of such
> decisions by the recipient/s (employee/s) and how they
> influence (in-)action (however it manifests itself1). As we
> may recollect, George Kelly, in his 1955 weighty tome,
> inferred that we are all scientists interpreting our
> worlds; it is therefore this interpretation of our working
> worlds that I'm particularly interested in.
> I'd very much be interested in hearing from anyone who can
> help/direct me to sources/info. in this whole area of PCP
> relevant to human interaction and how one may chronicle the
> processes and outcomes.
> Regards
> David