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Chris Evans (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:29:36 +0100

On 1 Dec 94, at 12:42, Beatriz Martinez wrote:

> Hello:
> My name is Beatriz Martínez, i belong to the psychology university of
> Valencia (Spain). i am doing the doctoral thesis with Francisco Rivas,
> which subject is the vocational grid and the vocational constructs. the
> group where i work is specialized in the vocational counseling concerning
> the
> final decision at the moment of chosing a degree or profession.
> another subject i am interested is the cognitive rates, particularly
> differentation and integration.
> i would like to contact with people that is interested in this matter to
> exchange information.
> thanks in advance.
> best regards
> beatriz

Dear Beatriz,

Welcome aboard the list! I hope you'll make good contacts here.
Vocational grids aren't my specialist area nor integration and
differentiation but I'd certainly be interested to hear more about your
thoughts and the advice you get on integration and differentiation.

One little practical point as list administrator: it looks as if your
own computer has it's date set quite wrong. That sometimes
happens if the battery that keeps the date information has gone.
Sometimes that's easy to fix, sometimes the only way to deal with
it is to remember to reset the date and time every time you switch
on. If the date is wrong it will mean that all your messages will get
filed in the archives in the wrong places!


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