Re: PCP application to transcultural mental health training

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Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:29:36 +0100

On 3 Apr 99, at 14:10, Greg Turner wrote:

> Greetings to all

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> Amongst these other activities I am the training coordinator for
> the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre (Australia) with
> the onerous task of ensuring that government mental health
> professionals throughout Queensland are able to provide a high
> level of mental health care to people from diverse cultures,
> ethnicities and language backgrounds.

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> In the transcultural mental health literature there is much on
> social constructionism and cultural constructivism (e.g. Kleinman,
> etc.), however there doesn't seem to be much on the application of
> PCP in transcultural psychiatric settings. Surely PCP would be an
> ideal vehicle?

I would say so and I know there was a little bit of work some time

I've got these references in my database:

Fukuyama, M. A. and G. J. Neimeyer (1985). “Using the cultural
attitudes repertory technique (CART) in a cross-cultural counseling
workshop.” Journal of Counseling and Development 63: 304-305.

Furnham A. and N. Alibhai (1983). “Cross-cultural differences in the
perception of female body shapes.” Psychological Medicine 13:

Neimeyer, G. J. and M. A. Fukuyama (1984). “Exploring the
content and structure of cross-cultural attitudes.” Counselor
Education and Supervision 23(3): 214-224.

and I've got some data myself in relation to "eating disorders" from
both Nigeria and Nigerians in Britain and from Newfoundland.
Maybe one day I'll find a few days and finally get that into
publishable form.

> I would greatly appreciate input from all and sundry who have an
> interest in this area, and am particularly interested in
> collecting a reference list of articles and books. I see this as
> an ideal opportunity to "awaken" mental health professionals to
> the world of PCP and what it has to offer them and their clients,
> no matter what their cultural background.

I'd very much like a copy of any reference list you end up with!

> P.S. We currently have a four-module Train-the-Trainer program
> which is currently being evaluated by recognised international
> experts in the field of transcultural mental health. These are
> based on constructivist concepts with a strong focus on the use of
> Narrative therapy. In the next year I will commence work on a
> fifth module specifically for 'Child and Youth' mental health
> professionals.

Is there soemwhere I can find out more about this work? Since the globe
is between us, this would be for personal edification and possibly for
shameless copying (with warm and proper acknowledgements of course).

Very best all,


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