Re: methods for examining 'resistance' to change

j.Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:36:36 +1200

Bob Green wrote:
> Jim,
> I will try to find:
> > David Brin's Earth and Transparent Society

Those are two separate books.

> Regarding the quote:
> >Deleuze and Guattari (1983): The schizophrenic deliberately seeks out
> >the very limits of capitalism; he is its inherent tendency brought to
> >fulfillment, its surplus product, its proletariat, and its exterminating
> >angel.
> Deliberate choice and inherent tendencies, would appear to me as contrasting
> poles of a construct, e.g free will vs determinism. Presently, my focus is
> upon means to examine individual choice, bearing in mind sociality.

Choice is based on understanding one's position. In the case of this
particular quotation I see no contradiction because I perceive two
related organisms. You are correct. They do lay at opposite ends of an
existing pole but not the one you state.

For example, in my own case I perceive capitalism or more particularly
the "money specie" upon which it exists as a distinct and malevolent
living entity that insinuates itself upon the individual human in a
similar fashion to many other super organisms that exist independently
in nature, such as an ant colony. Therefore sociality, given the fact
that the user's mind is an active battleground for many competing alien
life forms, is more than just a construct.

What puzzles me, having not read "A Thousand Plateaus" is the final part
of the quotation. Is the referred schizophrenic supposed to be an angel
in the act of exterminating itself or is it exterminating capitalism? In
Norfolk's "Lempriere's Dictionary" the sprite is both.

Grid that!