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>From: Lluis Botella Garcia del Cid <>
>To: "''" <>
>Subject: language barrier
>Date: Ven, 7 mag 1999 09:17

> Hi all,
> I've been asked to present a plenary at the Berlin conference on whether
> "Will PCP trascend the language barrier?" I think this is a really
> important subject, and I'll like to include in my presentation opinions
> other than my own local one. Thus, I'll appreciate if you could spare
> some minutes of your time and ask a few questions on this topic. I'm
> particularly interested in those of you who are non-native English
> speakers or live in non-English speaking countries. You can send the
> messages directly to my e-mail address, if you prefer, but I think it
> could be useful to open the debate through the list so as to turn it
> into a real conversation.
> My questions are these ones:
> 1. What country are you working at at the moment?
> 2. What is your native language?
> 3. How did you first get to know about PCP, through texts (papers,
> books) written in English or in your own language?
Twenty years ago we bought "Inquiring man" in a London's bookshop and
finding it very interesting we invited Don Bannister in Italy. We fell in
love with PCP and Don!
> 4. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP originally published in your own language?
Eight books and about thirty journal papers have been originally published
in italian. We do not understand what percentage are you interested in.
> 5. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP translated to your own language?
Three books and about fiftheen papers translated.
> 6. In your country, are there any journal or newsletter that
> publishes papers on PCP in your own language?
No. We have two websites devoted to PCP and constructivism:
<> and <>.
> 7. What is the approximate percentage of your own published works
> in English?
> 8. When you teach or give lectures about PCP in your country, do
> you chiefly use English or your own language?
Our own language.
> 9. Among the conferences you attend, what approximate percentage of
> them have English as the only or dominant language?
> 10. Do you think that language is a barrier for newcomers to PCP in
> your country?
Yes, because few Italian people know English.
> 11. Please add any comment you find relevant.
>Not only few Italian people know English, but also Kelly's English style and
the language of PCP are particularly hard to understand.
> Thanks a lot.
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