Re: Change grids?

Helen Jones (
Thu, 20 May 1999 14:44:28 -0700

Dear Suzanne

I wrote a "Recipe" on Change grids for the EPCA newsletter a few years ago.

I used Change grids as part of an evaluation process for doctors and
managers going through development at a business school. I used the
change grid as one way of measuring attitudes before, during and after the
process over a period of two to three years. As a comparator I used a
biography exercise as part of a process of validating the change grid which
was very interesting. I produced a lot of date which was undoubtedly
useful for the people taking part in the process - allowing them quite a
lot of time to reflect on their attitudes, their "resistance" and the way
in which they were changing - sometimes in fundamental ways - during the
training process. Many of them found that some of the changes were not
enduring although some questioning attitudes to established principles were
developed. If you are interested I could look some of the articles I
wrote up and let you have the references (my garage is a little crowded
with paper at present!!)

Best wishes

Helen Jones

> From: Suzanne Huffman <>
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> Subject: Change grids?
> Date: Wednesday, May 19, 1999 7:00 PM
> Greetings!
> I've been inactive on the mailbase (and most everywhere else) for the
> couple of years. Lurking for a few months now, it's been great to see
> familar names as well as indications that newcomers are finding this
> supportive and helpful, as well as stimulating. That was my experience
> graduate school, and let me encourage those of you at that stage not to
> shy, but to ask for technical and methodological advice and enter into
> ongoing dialogues on more "lofty" theoretical issues.
> Having said that... At present I'm in the process of cranking up a
> and evaluation consulting practice. One potential project entails the
> evaluation of a parent training program. The client writes: "We want
> parents to start making changes in their attitudes... hard to do, hard to
> measure."
> Unfortunately, I lost much of my library in a move, but seem to recall
> someone writing about "change grids" several years ago. Does this ring a
> bell with anyone? Anyone have any bright ideas about or experience with
> program evaluation?
> Thanks -
> Suzanne Huffman