Re: PhD crisis

Beverly Walker (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 13:45:19 +1000

Dear Helen,
Were you intending to include a variety of selves in the grid as
elements? e.g ideal self, myself as a child etc.
Have you considered using Kelly's self-characterisation technique? You
would need to update the scoring of that from that which kelly used
clinically. You might look at sharon Jackson's work with adolescents as
she used that approach. See for example Jackson and Bannister's paper
on Growing into self in the book edited by Bannister Issues and
approaches in personal construct theory. she has a later paper in, I
think, Pat Maitland's book.
good luck,
Assoc. Prof. Beverly M. Walker,
Psychology Dept,
University of Wollongong,
NSW, Australia, 2522