PCP Psychotherapist Needed

Scott Crespy (screspy@cyburban.com)
Sun, 04 Jul 1999 20:38:51 -0400

Dear Colleague:

Hello. I am a Doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology
Program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
(my advisor is April Metzler, Ph.D.). We are in the
process of researching the termination phase of short-term
(4-15 sessions) psychotherapy and are interested in how PCP
and/or Constructivistic psychotherapists view psychotherapy
termination). We are hoping that you, as a practicing
psychotherapist, will help us by participating in this
dissertation study. We have had some difficulty getting
a large enough sample for the study and would greatly
appreciate your willingness to participate.

This study involves completing a demographic sheet and
two questionnaires and will take approximately 20 minutes.
If you have terminated with a short-term therapy client in
the past 3 months, or plan to in the near future, and are
willing to participate in this study (and have not already
done so), please reply to this e-mail message (include
mailing address). The materials will then be mailed
to you.

I realize that your participation is time-consuming.
However, your generosity will allow me to graduate from
my program and begin my postdoctoral work. Thank you very,
very much for your assistance.

Scott D. Crespy, M.A.
Lehigh University
(914) 773-3710