Re: www on hp3/800 at HP

timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Date: Wed, 20 May 92 12:21:37 GMT+0200
From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Message-id: <9205201021.AA07372@ >
To: Peter Huang <>
Subject: Re: www on hp3/800 at HP

>	I saw your posting for new release of WWW and I pulled the
>	source over.  I'm quite thrill about the work you have
>	done with WWW.  I was able to compile and run the "www" on
>	hp3/800 (hpux 8.0) machine (attached is the Makefile).

	Thanks ... help me understand what the difference is between
	hp700 and hp800 -- are they binary compatible? What does the
	term "snake" cover?

>	The 300 version will coredump if the /etc/services entry
>	for www is missing.

	You mean www will or, httpd?  Or inetd? www shouldn't use the
	/etc/services file. Whats a 300?

>   	The Daemon portion also compiled and run,
>	(need to add non-protoize function declaration in HTDaemon.c and
>	HTRetrieve.c.)  I'll try to contrib when I got time.

	Shucks --I thought we'd done all that in the 0.4 release!
	What are the functions which needs de-ansiing?  We compiled in
	on a sun ok, thought that was basic enough cc.

>	I have read the copyright page and know the restriction.

	We are considering forming a consortium to allow lots of contribution
	and well-defined sharing of code, and a role for commercial
	participation (buying, selling, sponsoring!)

> 	Let me know if I can help in any other ways.

	There is a list of "how to support the web" on the project page.
	I guess a server at HP might be comercially tricky unless for
	marketting info?  Any tools, neat server scripts all gratefully accepted!
	And pass the word around...
>	kudos for a software nicely done.

	Thanks -- on behalf of all the people involved!

	Tim BL

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