Extracting the source of HTML documents, menus etc.

timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 92 08:59:03 GMT+0200
From: timbl (Tim Berners-Lee)
Message-id: <9204160659.AA26309@ nxoc01.cern.ch >
To: wathu@lanka.ccit.arizona.edu (Wije Wathugala)
Subject: Extracting the source of HTML documents, menus etc.
Cc: www-talk@nxoc01.cern.ch
> Date: Wed, 15 Apr 92 16:16:31 MST
> From: wathu@lanka.ccit.arizona.edu (Wije Wathugala)

> Hi Tim,
> Thank you very much for your mail and all the work you are doing
> with WWW.

> I have one more questions. 

> (1)I would like to down load some menus from WWW server in HTML so  
> that I can
> edit them and use locally.  I knwo how to get text file with the
> command but do not know how to get HTML file.  I tried to start WWW
> by www -source but still I could not get the HTML file.  Is there a  
> command
> to get them. 

The trick is to browse to the document (menu etc) you want normally  
with www. Then type "help" to get the www address of the document.  
Copy it down.

Then, separately, give the command

	www -source -n -p documentaddress > file

to extract the source into a file.  You have to do this because if  
you start www in -source mode, you can't follow any links. We paln to  
add a command to extract the source of an article when you're  
browsing normally.

> (2) Can I post this type of questions to www-interest list ?

You should send them to www-talk@info.cern.ch, not to -interest.  
Interest is used for announcements to a larger number of people.

> Thank you
> Wije

	You're welcome!

PS: I'm away next week (back 27th April) but others on the list may  
be prepared to answer more questions.