Re: World Wide Web and Viola

Subject: Re:  World Wide Web and Viola
> 1. Is it possible to define pseudo hyperlinks which start a subprocess?
> That would be really phantastic because it allows for nice tutorials with
> trial buttons. On I saw:

> 	About XMap ... 
> 	<P>
> 	Click here for a demo.
> 	<S>/*script*/
> Unfortunately it doesn't work, in Viola no button was shown.

Whoops, I guess I really have to clean up the HTML files on our site :-)
Most of this stuff was for internal demonstrations, and the scripting 
stuff was an unfinished experiment. It doesn't work for you because you must 
have the demonstration Xmap program locally. But, yes, the intent of the 
<S> tag is to embed viola scripts in HTML, so that you can ``program links''
to do lots of complicated and neat things... In this case, the script 
tries to start up another process.