World Wide Web and Viola

Subject: World Wide Web and Viola
Cc: bloemer
1. Is it possible to define pseudo hyperlinks which start a subprocess?
That would be really phantastic because it allows for nice tutorials with
trial buttons. On I saw:

About XMap ... 

Click here for a demo.
	if (accessible("/usr/users/ftp") != "") {
		print("doing /usr/users/ftp/ftp_public/misc/ht/projects/xmap/ /usr/users/ftp/ftp_public/misc/ht/projects/xmap/sf_oak &amp \n");
/*		system("/usr/users/ftp/ftp_public/misc/ht/projects/xmap/ /usr/users/ftp/ftp_public/misc/ht/projects/xmap/sf_oak &amp ");*/
	} else if (accessible("/map" != "")) {
		/* in case this is running in xcfdemo */
		print("doing /xmap/ /xmap/sf_oak &amp \n");
/*		system("/xmap/ /xmap/sf_oak &amp ");*/
	} else {
		/* can't guess where xmap executables might be */
		bell(); /* later, use dialogbox */

Unfortunately it doesn't work, in Viola no button was shown.