Usenet FAQ Project

Thomas A. Fine <>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 93 18:38:18 -0500
From: Thomas A. Fine <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Usenet FAQ Project
X-Mailer: Perl Mail System v1.1
Well, I've completed a draft of the format to be used by FAQ writers, and
software that converts it to HTML.  Take a look at the "Usenet FAQs" item
found in:


This will get you to a (almost empty) list of FAQs which conform and have
been formatted.  Currently the only thing here is my as yet unposted
posting, in hypertext form.

Go to the part on more information.  This includes the
posting (which hasn't actually been posted yet).  Also, since the posting
itself will conform to the format described therein, you will also find
the hypertext version of the posting in the same document.

Please take a look, and pass comments back to me.  If I don't hear anything
for a couple of days, I'll assume everything is fine and go ahead and post.

I'm still wrestling with one problem:  How do I tell people who are
naive to the ways of WWW how to find this specific information in the
web?  I've listed all the browsers around, and each one comes up with a
different view of the web.  I suppose I could just include the URL, but
then they'd have to figure out how to get whichever browser they picked
to go there.  Any suggestions?

If you want to glance at the software, send me mail, and I'll send you
a copy.

Things not completed yet:
  Still doesn't automatically scan news.
  Software doesn't automatically insert itself into our web (trivial).


P.S.  My future agenda:
  1. complete editor  (very soon)
  2. update browser   (very soon)
  3. clean up all of our documentation so it actually conforms (soon)
  4. write some fun robots (slightly soon)
  5. work on MIME stuff (not real soon)
  6. work on hypertext postscript (not real soon)