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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1993 11:15:55 PDT
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       "Re: usage stats" (Apr 19, 10:39am)
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Subject: Re: usage stats
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 On Apr 19, 10:39am, Edward Vielmetti wrote:
} Note also that gopher statistics are inflated - there's double counting
} (and double sending) of bytes when a gopher server fetches a file by
} FTP and then gophers it to the client.

Not quite Ed, its counted once, when it shouldnt be counted at all! The
gopher-ftp gateway -> ftp server hop doesnt get counted.
} This is a clear case where high byte counts should be seen as a sign
} of design defects not wide use...

Agreed! I posted a patch that fixes this defect for the Unix gopher

- Mitra