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DYNAMIC netfind

This WAIS server performs Netfind searches.  It uses the waisserver
from the Dynamic WAIS prototype at the University of Colorado in
Boulder.  To use this WAIS server: supply keywords for a Netfind
search.  A list of matching domains will be returned as relevant
documents.  Choose one of the domains to retrieve the results from a
Netfind search for that domain.  Due to the strict query format for
Netfind, keywords must be in the format: name key key...  

For example, to find information about Darren Hardy at the University
of Colorado in Boulder, use the keywords 'hardy boulder colorado' or
'hardy boulder colorado computer science'.

In order to use X WAIS with the Dynamic WAIS server you can apply the
patch for xwais found in the Dynamic WAIS distribution.  It's a simple
one-line patch to xwais.  Or you can add a text viewer to your filters
preference (either in the Xwais.filters resource or with the \

This database is maintained by on host 

(The search matches your words against full document text. Access to this index is
provided by the WWW to WAIS gateway. Please specify search words to find
documents. For other databases, see the directory of servers.) 

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