Re: how should remote path names be handled?

"(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
Date: 23 Apr 93  9:36 
From: "(Arnold Bloemer)" <>
Message-id: <RFC-822:>
Subject: Re: how should remote path names be handled?
Cc: dehning, falken, grau, muenkel, niem, woelker, wollborn, bloemer

I had severe problems with relative pathnames when I setup
a WAIS database of my local set of HTML pages.

The idea behind setting up this database was, that I would
be able to generate a projection of the Web based on a search.

After I retrieve a HTML Page from the WAIS database I want to
be able to follow all the links in the HTML Page.

But I experienced that I could only follow links with absolute
pathnames. A relative URL like "HREF=QuickGuide.html" was 
translated to the following:


This yields an error of 'Missing DocID in request'.

So if you want to setup a WAIS database for searching through your
information system the only way seems to be using absolute pathnames.

Or is the last statement wrong ?