Re: Standardizing new HTML features

Bill Janssen <>
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Date: 	Tue, 27 Apr 1993 11:54:33 PDT
Sender: Bill Janssen <>
From: Bill Janssen <>
To:, Dave_Raggett <>
Subject: Re: Standardizing new HTML features
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:a 27-Apr-93 Standardizing new HTML feat.. Dave_Raggett@hplb.hpl.hp (1221)

>     o   embedded images with text flow etc.

It would be particularly nice if we got this right.  There was an
exchange a couple of months ago (beginning of March) that you (Dave)
were a part of, about allowing arbitrary embedded ``things'', with their
data being either specified in-line, or being included from another
document.  These things could be images or animations or audio or text
or whatever.  Marc mentioned several problems to be solved (I remember
circular references, for example).

Separable from this is another good idea:

:a 1-Mar-93 Re: proposed new tag: IMG Marc Andreessen@ncsa.uiu (884)

> maybe we should think about a general-purpose procedural
> graphics language within which we can embed arbitrary hyperlinks
> attached to icons, images, or text, or anything.  Has anyone else seen
> Intermedia's capabilities wrt this?  It's one of their most impressive
> capabilities, actually.

> Something like a cross between PostScript and CGM might work...
> actually, maybe we should just use one or the other, and add the
> extensions we need for the links.  Also we'd want to make sure that
it's completely editable.

Sounds like a good thing.  I've always been sort of surprised that TIFF
or another of these extensible image formats hasn't already been
extended to be a ``hyperimage'' format.