Re: Postscript Behavior...

Tim Berners-Lee <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 93 14:23:09 +0100
From: Tim Berners-Lee <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Postscript Behavior...

What's the problem?

Take a test case:

This is a postscript document. I can read it with XMosaic (0.9), I  
can read it using:
WWW LineMode Browser version 2.04-beta (WWW Library 2.04)
on a next.

The CERN server is now at 2.04, but as far as I know the
document has been has been readable for some time.
There was a fix (the -DXMOSAIC_HACK library compilation option
mentioned in previous messages) which was introduced into
the library recently, but this does seem to solve the problem.
We will have to keep this -DXMOSAIC_HACK in until xmosaic
goes to v2.

If you have a document you can't pick up, then what it its URL?
Could be a server update would help.