CWIS-L mailing list (Lou Montulli)
From: (Lou Montulli)
Message-id: <>
Subject: CWIS-L mailing list
Date: Wed, 5 May 93 14:25:17 CDT
X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL2]
I would like to invite all active WWW developers and prophets to
join the CWIS-L Listserv mailing list.  CWIS-L is dedicated
to the discussion of the implementation and maintenance of CWIS's
around the world.  Many Universities and colleges are currently 
evaluating software for use in their CWIS.  There is currently a 
raging discussion about the positive and negative aspects of WWW 
and its benefits over Gopher.  If anyone wishes to give input to 
this discussion please sign up.

CWIS-L@WUVMD.BITNET  is the list.  I assume a normal listserv
signup request to listserv@wuvmd.bitnet will do the trick.

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