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Edward Vielmetti <>
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Subject: Re: forwarded... [Explicit Linking is Impossible] 
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Date: Thu, 06 May 93 00:14:55 EDT
From: Edward Vielmetti <>
  What exactly does "pre-load a search" mean, and how do I implement
  this in an HTML document?  Say that I want to refer to the WWW
  Provider's Style Guide by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, for the section
  about how big to make each document.  Now, all of you readers of
  www-talk can find this manually, and have probably already read that
  text, but that is not why someone invented hypertext and the
  world-wide web.  How do I do this without explicitly saying
Let's say that we had the equivalent of "archie" or "veronica" for
WWW.  Call it "spidey".  Then you could say
(to match by file name) or	
or maybe even

Search #1 is the equivalent of the archie "-e" exact search.

Search #2 is the equivalent of a WAIS or Gopher search, with some
keywords; you can imagine a slightly enhanced version if you know that
the database is somehow structured.

Search #3 is what you would do if you do if major World Wide Web
collections had International Standard Book Numbers, and shows a
reference to an index in a book.

Each of these are probabilistic, but they should *both* get the user
close enough to the document to make it possible for them to find it
on ther own *and* not be immediately obsolete once the document
changes or moves.

(you hope)

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ps if you use "spidey" please give me credit :)