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Subject: tex2html

some time ago we found it necessary to convert some of our
Latex documents into HTML. The result of this was a crude
translator from a small subset of Latex commands to HTML.

For more information see:

Here is an extract from the above document:

A full translation from Latex to HTML (or SGML) is NOT possible. 
Having said that it is possible to translate Latex commands which have
direct equivalents in HTML and treat the rest of the document as
unformatted ascii text. This works for ``undemanding'' documents which
do NOT make use of equation, picture or table environments, or
user-defined commands and styles. 

The translator was created to address specific needs and it
sometimes handles some commands in a very subjective way. Although
this makes it less general than it perhaps ought to be, some of its
functionality may still be of general use. 

Nikos Drakos,
Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.