Re: comp.infosystems.www (Lou Montulli)
From: (Lou Montulli)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: comp.infosystems.www
To: (Thomas A. Fine)
Date: Fri, 14 May 93 11:06:07 CDT
In-reply-to: <>; from "Thomas A. Fine" at May 13, 93 2:25 pm
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> Good news!  I've convinced my news admin to set up the gateway.  What I'd
> like to do now is have a fast informal vote on various possibilities.
> Please vote on only one proposal.
> Proposal 2.
>   Bi-directional gateway.
>   Vote here if you have no USENET access whatsoever and want to use the
>   mailing list as an interface to the newsgroup
I definitely, definitely, definitely do not want to have to use USENET!
Mail is much more handy to read and use, and it tends to get to people
MUCH faster than USENET!
We can provide the gateway if necessary!