Re: comp.infosystems.www (Mitra)
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From: (Mitra)
Subject: Re: comp.infosystems.www
Organization: Pandora Systems
Date: Sat, 15 May 1993 00:07:56 GMT
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I'd vote for 1 myself, since I definately prefer it in news to mail, (in
fact I read it on a locally gatewayed copy of the list). But lets set up
the bidirectional feed if even a few poor souls cant get Usenet.  

Please please, make the gateway bidirectional.  Dont let people write
here thinking they are writing to the whole of the audience, only to
find that half the readers wont see their message.   If you want to do
that, then let us know so we can set the newsgroup to moderated and feed
anything written here (in the group) to the list instead.

- Mitra